Museum Directory

Robert Gumbiner, M.D. (1923-2009)

Mike Deovlet, Co-Chairman
Robert N. Braun, M.D., Co-Chairman
Sofia Riley, Vice Chair
Zach Horowitz, Secretary
Tim Degani, Treasurer
Burke Gumbiner
Rose Ann Djelmane
Rico Jeffrey Garcia
Ann M. Penn
Marylou Amato, Docent Chair
Office of the President
Lourdes I. Ramos, PhD, President and CEO, (Email)
Jessica Salazar, Executive Assistant (Email)
Media / Public Relations
Susan Golden, Director Media / Public Relations (Email)
Diego Espinoza, Communications Coordinator (Email)
Edward Hayes Jr., Curator of Exhibitions (Email)
Carlos Ortega, Curator of Collections (Email)
Susan Bolaños, Registrar (Email)
Guest Curator at Large
Tatiana Flores, PhD (
Getty Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago
Gabriela Martinez, Curator of Education (Email)
Nalini Elias, Education Programs Coordinator (Email)

Volunteer Program
Susan Beckley, Volunteer Manager (Email)
Luis Zavala, Graphic Designer (Email)
Gabriela DiSarli, Graphic Designer (Email)

Development and Membership
Katie Adams Farrell, Interim VP of Development (Email)
Jessica Ureña, Director of Donor Relations (Email)
Leo Bueno, Development Coordinator (Email)
Edward Escarsega, Membership Manager (Email)
Finance and Retail
Christopher Gordon, Vice President of Finance (Email)
Tim Buckingham, Accounting Manager (Email)
Melinda Lim, Accountant (Email)
Juanita Trujillo, Assistant Store Manager (Email)
Museum Events / Banquets
Jennifer Alcantara, Events Specialist (Email)
Walter White, Event Logistics Coordinator (Email)
Christina Cruz, Banquets Manager (Email)
Lee Gumbiner, Vice President of Operations (Email)
Maria Cruz, Operations Administrator (Email)
Rex Collins, Facilities Manager (Email)
Jose Rizo Jr., Security Director (Email)
Jared Battad, Security Supervisor (Email)
Tony Sims, VSA Supervisor (Email)
Mary Claire Yanga, Visitor Services Associate (Email)
Aydi Ortiz, Visitor Services Associate (Email)
Mayan Gil, Visitor Services Associate (Email)